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Pure-Fit Polo Clergy Shirt Short Sleeve

Pure-Fit Polo Clergy Shirt Short Sleeve

R.J. Toomey 2021
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Product Description

The closet is full of clergy apparel that doesn't quite measure up. Too rigid, too loose, too hot, too thin, but this will always be the first off the hanger. The moisture wicking fabric is breathable under the hot lights but also perfectly suited for all activities outside of the church as well. Designed and tailored specifically for comfort in movement, it comes with extra length to stay tucked in all day. It is machine washable and stress free dapper right out of the dryer.

Moisture wicking
Full cut with a left breast pocket
Two 6-1/2" L tab collars included
Material: 93% Polyester/7% Spandex Blend

More Product Information

  • Publisher: R.J. Toomey
  • SKU: 65207_J0125
  • Release Date: 06/01/2021
  • Vendor Code: J0125

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